Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ibis Hakkalugi Disc

Things have been busy in the forest lately. Here's the latest video I've been working on. The other day I got a friendly text from my buddy Scot Nicol, who had earlier in the summer been hanging with my dad in Villard de Lans, and which you can read about in the current issue of Privateer, that he was visiting Boulder. Or more specifically, he was passing through Boulder on his way to introducing the new Ibis Hakkalugi Disc at the Fort Collins USGP CX race this weekend. Well, I went mountain biking with him and a certain American winner of the Giro D'Italia on Thursday, and we hatched a plan to put together a little intro video for the new steed. We shot on Friday, I edited, and here we are. Scot officially unveiled the new machine a couple hours ago so now here's an embed for the millions of viewers of my blog.

Hakkal├╝gi Disc from Ibis Cycles on Vimeo.