Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rapha Continental

Over the winter Rapha, the stratospherically priced stylie road apparel brand from London, sent out a request for people to submit rides for the second season of their Continental project. The idea behind the Continental is to document the best 'epic' road rides of cycling culture of North America. My friend Rob and I both submitted rides, and his Boulder route was chosen. After months of waiting, this weekend it finally happened. The route was huge, and I'd been trying to ride as much as possible to make sure I was in good a shape so it'd be more fun than painful. Here's how it went:

The route: Boulder Canyon to Four Mile to Gold hill, down Lickskillet, up Left Hand to Ward, up to Brainard Lake and back, north on Peak to Peak, down through Raymond, out to Lyons and back to Boulder via an assortment of gravel country roads. 80 miles of goodness.

Here's the profile, a bit over 10,000 feet of climbing.

Top of the first climb to Gold Hill, where Andy Hampsten had given us all a lesson in the difference between a Grand Tour winner and normal donkey's like the rest of us.

Posing with one of the heroes of American cycling. What a treat that he came along for the day!
Heading up Left Hand Canyon toward Ward.

10,500 feet above sea level at Brainard Lake.
Late in the day heading home on the gravel. Check out Rapha's road journal where pictures and video from our ride should be showing up any time now.

Elkhart Lake

Last Thursday I headed out for the day on a whirlwind trip to Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, home of Road America, one of the country's most iconic tracks. My mission was to meet up with Bobby Rahal and film a few lines for the Historic Grand Prix TV pilot Mito Media is working on. It was quite a day, with no shortage of eye candy on hand to check out.

There was a GT40 get-together going on, so these amazing cars were all over the place. Quite a few of the new GTs as well.

Niki Lauda's Ferrari

Beautiful shapes on this Allard.

1997 Williams F1. Running one of these requires you to add a bank of laptops to your toolbox.

Race car / road car

Another car from the laptop generation, Audi's Le Mans winning R8.

The Dewalt sponsored Morgan Aero 8. I love this.

The GT40 is almost lower than the F-350's bumper.

The R8 is so fast it has gravitational pull on nearby objects.

Last but not least, my ride for the day, the Pontiac G6 coupe. Yeyah!