Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday Worlds

Each week in Boulder sees a huge group of cyclocross addicts meet at 8am for a little friendly cutthroat "practice" at a variety of local parks. Last week the group headed out to Boulder Reservoir to preview the course of the upcoming Colorado Cross Classic. I went along with the 7D to shoot some pretty morning action for my series of cross videos for Boulder Cycle Sport (who incidentally, is hosting Cross Week this week in case you need some supplies). Greg Keller also hooked me up with the footage from his onboard GoProHD. Enjoy.

Dueling Ridleys at Wednesday Worlds from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

60 Minutes profiles The Best TV Show Ever.

First Snow

Today was sunny for the most part in Boulder but I'd heard rumor it was snowing as close by as Nederland. Over the weekend I'd ridden on Magnolia and seen the snowline just hundreds of feet above us. Today it was time to head into the belly of the storm and get our first snow of the year.

Heading up Fourth of July Road past Nederland. Better remember how to drive in the snow, and turn on 4wd.

Dog was ecstatic with snow's return. She immediately set to doing leaping hot lops the minute she left the vehicle.

I did manage one pose out of her.

Yeah, that water is cold.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pre-Wedding Ride

The morning of my wedding I was lucky enough to get in a ride with my dad and some of my very best friends. We were up early and riding from out mountain lair before 8am, a notable feat considering the previous night's fun.
We headed north, desceding into Castle Valley where we met up with my dad, Gordon, and Sevey. Then we turned around and headed back up the hill to breakfast, and a wedding!

Ageless Gordon, with Mark in the Breck Epic leader's jersey.

Schleck caught winter training. Everyone knows Luxembourgers love Moab.

The in-imitable style of Henri Barlow.

24 Hours of Moab

The 24 hours of Moab is done and dusted at this point so I'm a little late on this but figured it'd be fun to post one of Alex and I's original videos. From the 5 year old vault of standard definition digital video, the 2005 24 Hours of Moab.

24 Hours of Moab 2005 from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

Gates Carbon Drive at Cross Vegas

I recently put this video together for Gates documenting their cross team's Las Vegas debut.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Wedding Photos

September 18th marked a pretty special occasion as Abby and I "tied the knot" after almost 6 years of dating and even more of having fun together. We'd been working like mad to plan the party of our lives for the past year so its a bit of a shock to find ourselves home from the honeymoon and have it all be over. The past three weeks have truly been among the best of my life.

While its hard to see great events like these turn into memories, good pictures help you live it over and over again.

And there are perhaps no better images that convey the unbridled joy that was felt that night at Whispering Oaks than the ones from our "photo booth." Who knows what it was; Timmy's hilarious props, Steve's delicious wine, or just the all around loving vibe in the air, but people were ready to let their hair down, dance, and take pictures.

Below are a few samples from our "photo booth," which turned out to be more of a twisted live fashion show on the dance floor.