Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time Travel

Experimenting with creating time-lapses using a Canon DSLR, a Promaster Interval-o-meter, and Final Cut.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Suitcase of Courage in Monaco

Two years ago we headed over to Monaco to cover the Historic Formula One races there. I've had this behind the scenes look at our trip in a partially completed state on a hard drive for a while but the time has come for it to see the light of day!

Enjoy (for a bigger look, click through to youtube and make sure 720p HD is turned on)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey Jens, what do you tell your legs when they are hurting?


Found this one over at one of my all time favorite blogs, Axis of Oversteer and couldn't help but sharing it here. What's that? You're wondering what perkele means? Well watch the video, and then think of an English word you might use in the same situation.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From the vaults: Chile Fest X

From the vaults, one of the first videos I ever made, freshly re-edited for pubic consumption (you can stop worrying).

Shot in 2005 at the last Chile Fest hosted by the Chile Pepper Bike Shop in Moab, UT. I took my friend Stephen Smith along to experience his first (and last) Chile Fest while many of my friends there had been along for all ten.

Once back in Boulder I learned Final Cut Pro by editing this with Alex King. That was before 'the youtube' allowed you to share video on the interwebs as easily as today so it sat on a hard drive since then. Not anymore though! Enjoy

Chile Fest X from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Young pup on a mountain

Magnolia bagged her first 'summit' today at the ripe age of six months and a couple days. Luckily she brought along a photographer to document her endeavors.

Partway up the climb and going strong.

Approaching the summit!

Posing, all she needs is a flag!

Time to head back down home?

Magnolia knows that the downhills are the most fun.

Not old enough!

Romping and rolling in the Rockies.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lance's first year back

Thanks to my dad for finding this awesome look back at Lance's 2009 season. While the narration is Dutch, there is enough Lance interview in English and great footage to make this one captivating watch if you've got some time to burn.

It's fascinating to see how candid Lance is during this lengthy interview with a Dutch reporter. Most of the American interviews you see are pretty guarded, but here he's dropping f-bombs and telling it like he sees it. Great stuff, and it just makes me even more excited for 2010.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It really is all about the tires

Bridgestone Blizzak tires turn the 135 into what is by far the most fun car I've ever driven in the snow. Turning off Stability Control leaves you with a fantastically playful and subtle Traction Control system which lets slides go just far enough to not get out of control. The seamless shifts of its Steptronic transmission permit opposite lock, up-shifts under power without upsetting the balance of the car or instant downshifts into corners to dial in the power for the exit.

The biggest difference between sliding the Bimmer and sliding my previous Mini and Saab in the snow is that rwd power takes the place of an e-brake. Instead of barreling into the corner as fast as you dared and pulling the e-brake to initiate a speed sapping slide, the 1 would prefer you get the nose to the apex of the turn and dial in power, and thus yaw angle, from there, accelerating the whole time. It's incredible.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Volt Video

Generally speaking, I'm the first one to chime in about the mediocre products GM has been producing for years now. A look at their current state shows I'm not alone. However, after all this time it seems they may have a great idea coming down the pipeline. We've been hearing about the Chevy Volt for years now; how it was going to save the company, change cars, etc. I was (and am until we actually see the finished product) skeptical, but things are looking very good.

Instead of just copying the Prius, which is what you could be forgiven for expecting, GM has gone off on their own road. They've taken a play from the railroad industry and decided to create an electric car with a as generator to power it when you can't charge it at home. Check out the video below for the full explanation, but this kind of car could really help in congested areas, while not being useless for the occasional road trip.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Car Overload

Just noticed my blog has been dramatically tilted toward the car-centric end of my interest spectrum. Not only that but I've pretty much taken off most of December and January from riding. Whoa! It's ok though, because that's how things go, and that's also what always keeps riding fun for me, it's never a job, or 'training' :-). Anyways, just to balance things out, here's a little riding action from CB.

Crested Butte Singletrack Montage from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

Onboard the 135

I did some experimenting with onboard camera mounting today using the Canon 500D, a Flip Mino, and a BMW 135i. Nothing spectacular, but if you're familiar with what numbers are where on this car's speedo I think you'll agree that it's not exactly poking along. I used a standard tripod and some bungee cords to mount the DSLR behind the front seats with a 10-22mm lens set at 10, and a Panavise suction cup clamp holding the Flip for this. Next time I need to get the DSLR lower so the rear view mirror isn't so much in the way, drive a twistier road, faster, with better mounting angles for the Flip, and perhaps someone else to play with?

135i Onboard from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.