Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Elkhart Lake

Last Thursday I headed out for the day on a whirlwind trip to Elkhart Lake Wisconsin, home of Road America, one of the country's most iconic tracks. My mission was to meet up with Bobby Rahal and film a few lines for the Historic Grand Prix TV pilot Mito Media is working on. It was quite a day, with no shortage of eye candy on hand to check out.

There was a GT40 get-together going on, so these amazing cars were all over the place. Quite a few of the new GTs as well.

Niki Lauda's Ferrari

Beautiful shapes on this Allard.

1997 Williams F1. Running one of these requires you to add a bank of laptops to your toolbox.

Race car / road car

Another car from the laptop generation, Audi's Le Mans winning R8.

The Dewalt sponsored Morgan Aero 8. I love this.

The GT40 is almost lower than the F-350's bumper.

The R8 is so fast it has gravitational pull on nearby objects.

Last but not least, my ride for the day, the Pontiac G6 coupe. Yeyah!

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