Monday, October 4, 2010

Wedding Photos

September 18th marked a pretty special occasion as Abby and I "tied the knot" after almost 6 years of dating and even more of having fun together. We'd been working like mad to plan the party of our lives for the past year so its a bit of a shock to find ourselves home from the honeymoon and have it all be over. The past three weeks have truly been among the best of my life.

While its hard to see great events like these turn into memories, good pictures help you live it over and over again.

And there are perhaps no better images that convey the unbridled joy that was felt that night at Whispering Oaks than the ones from our "photo booth." Who knows what it was; Timmy's hilarious props, Steve's delicious wine, or just the all around loving vibe in the air, but people were ready to let their hair down, dance, and take pictures.

Below are a few samples from our "photo booth," which turned out to be more of a twisted live fashion show on the dance floor.

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Bryon Thornburgh said...

Are all of the 'photo booth' pictures posted somewhere? If not, they should be! :)