Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Attack of the Insta-Blizzard

Yesterday I had a fantastic ride with Rob Jones, Mike Dahl and Drew Vankat. Blue skies, a bit windy, but awesome. We knew we had to get out because the weather forecast for today was looking discouraging to say the least.

As a result I woke up today pretty much resolved that it was going to be an inside, get stuff done sort of day. Of course, Boulder rarely works like that. I worked away until about 2:30 when I realized that it was overcast, but still around 50 degrees outside. Clearly snowing in the mountains to the West, but not in Boulder.

So I said to myself, 'self, looks like its going to be a situation where the clouds just can't manage to make it down out of the mountains to snow on us. Better grab a spin while you can!.' Out I went.

Of course, 15 minutes later it went from 50 and calm to 25 and sideways blowing snow, but since I'd gone to all the trouble to put my nice warm riding clothes on I went for it. Things got a bit crazy, and while I'm someone who really enjoys inclement weather on the bike, this was about as wild (and possibly dangerous) as I've had. By the time I turned it back toward home it was a complete ground blizzard with 35mph side winds and 25ft visibility. Even Mr. Kerkove himself was impressed when I threw one of these pics on Facebook.

This morning it was nice enough for this squirrel to be practicing his anti-gravity maneuvers outside the window.

Early in the ride. Just a bit of snow, but enough to start sticking to the leading edges of the bike.
Heading home on Airport Road. Nice to be off Jay Road, because the traffic was picking up and visibility was BAD. Amazingly, I was enjoying this thoroughly.

Back at the ranch, and I managed to avoid getting seriously cold, or run over!
The bike developed some interesting ice sculptures.
Happy to still have the (slightly) treaded Vittoria 25s on.
Here's what it looks like now. When it snows, it dumps!
Creepy Update: While I was out on the ride apparently a murder/suicide took place right down the street. Details are scarce at the moment but the cops say we aren't in danger. I was just interviewed on Fox News about it. Cop cars everywhere, news everywhere. And I thought the snow was stealing the headlines today. Pretty weirded out at the moment... More as the story develops.

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Kate said...

Okay, you are definitely racing Koppenberg now!