Monday, May 18, 2009

Going up

Last week I finally managed to get back on top of my dad and I's transoceanic one day climbing record competition. He's been racking up huge climbing numbers on his jaunts through the French Alps and I've been trying to respond by stringing together an intricate network of Boulder's steepest and biggest climbs, much of which involves riding dirt roads on the skinny tires.
Here's how its gone so far.
Me: 4080ft
Dad: 6700
Me: 7880
Dad: 8694
Me: 9300
The last involved riding up Wagonwheel, through Linden, out the sneak to Sunshine, up to Gold Hill, down Lickskillet, up to Ward, out and back to Brainard Lake (which was significantly thawed since my last visit which let me get another few hundred vert climbing) back through Jamestown and over Lee Hill at the end. All that in 55 miles.

Awaiting the next challenge.

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