Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This week's video: Crested Butte!

Was pretty bummed to miss out on the big wedding celebration going on over in the Wasatch but I made the best of things and still had a good escape to Crested Butte, especially since one Mike Dahl was there to throw down the singletrack miles with Uncle Graham and I. The first afternoon we were there Duke took us on an incredible tour of the Waterfall Creek Cutoff and Fenceline trails in Cement Creek valley. I lugged the SLR along for that ride and shot some video for a 2009 flyingcracker.com trail movie that I've embedded below. Here's the last one we did.

We spent the second day riding near town, hitting up Strand singletrack, Strand Bonus and Snodgrass. Day three saw us tackle the biggest ride of the trip, Doctor's Park. This trail seems to be picking up popularity, although we saw a grand total of 2 people on our ride, bringing our total trip tally to about 9 other people encountered in over 50 miles of singletrack insanity.

But back to Doctor's Park. It's incredible. Starting things out is a 9 mile slog up a gravel road. Then you fjord a swollen alpine river and start the real climbing, three miles of brutal, granny gear jeep road to the top of the world. What comes next is possibly my favorite downhill anywhere. Monarch Crest, the Whole Enchilada, even neighboring Bear Creek, all pale in comparison. For me, Doctor's Park is like a singletrack fantasy level in some mtb video game that doesn't exist yet, its just too incredible to be real. But it is, and its the perfect combination of freeride technical sections, insanely fast smooth sections, narrow trail, amazing views and endless aspens. Next time back I'll have to take the camera. In the meantime, here's this week's video:

Flyingcracker 2009 from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

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