Monday, February 1, 2010

Car Overload

Just noticed my blog has been dramatically tilted toward the car-centric end of my interest spectrum. Not only that but I've pretty much taken off most of December and January from riding. Whoa! It's ok though, because that's how things go, and that's also what always keeps riding fun for me, it's never a job, or 'training' :-). Anyways, just to balance things out, here's a little riding action from CB.

Crested Butte Singletrack Montage from Mat Barlow on Vimeo.

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sevy said...

Nice stuff Barlito - HIGH above Tee-ak-a-luey Ridge. Quite a session up there it looks like. I like it so much I shared it on our WSC page.

Headed over there tomorrow til Mon. for Superbowl party & (hopefully) some pow doo. Got plans?