Thursday, February 4, 2010

Volt Video

Generally speaking, I'm the first one to chime in about the mediocre products GM has been producing for years now. A look at their current state shows I'm not alone. However, after all this time it seems they may have a great idea coming down the pipeline. We've been hearing about the Chevy Volt for years now; how it was going to save the company, change cars, etc. I was (and am until we actually see the finished product) skeptical, but things are looking very good.

Instead of just copying the Prius, which is what you could be forgiven for expecting, GM has gone off on their own road. They've taken a play from the railroad industry and decided to create an electric car with a as generator to power it when you can't charge it at home. Check out the video below for the full explanation, but this kind of car could really help in congested areas, while not being useless for the occasional road trip.

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