Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bigfoot Strikes Again

Its been a bad week for the bike fleet at 2425 Forest. Mechanical mayhem seems to strike in waves (especially when you're pushing 220) and I'm dreading what could come next. To start things off I was practicing my Graham O'bree superman slickrock ascending technique in Bartlett Wash last week when the SRAM X9 rear derailleur on my Nomad succumbed to the torque at play and committed suicide by twisting into the expensive aluminum spokes of my Crossmax XL. It ended up wrenched sideways and pointing straight up, taking with it the lives of three spokes. We bent it into shape to ride home and I hiked the rest of the weekend.

Today on the way to work I was all jazzed up to be riding my shiny white cross bike with Mike Dahl later. As I sprinted out of the saddle up the 13th street hill my left foot came unclipped from the spd and roundhouse kicked into the spinning front wheel. Being that its a lightweight Bontragor Race X Lite with like 16 spokes or something silly like that, the bike was instantly rendered useless. Cue walking the second half of my commute in riding shoes.

My bike part shopping list is looking intimidating...

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