Monday, November 17, 2008

November's Endless Summer

I hope I don't jinx us with this post, but wow; what weather we've been having! Each weekend I prepare to bid farewell to sunny days and shorts and each weekend I find myself out in the sun having fun. Pretty unbelievable. Let's hope Moab is this luscious next week for turkey day!

It did snow a teensy bit Thursday night. Friday morning I found that Mr. Boulder Tesla driver drives his future car in the snow, which I thought was awesome. So I parked my sporty snow car next to his. His is cooler. That afternoon it was 50 and sunny so the convertible may have come in handy.
Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is building all sorts of awesome trails around town that are perfect 29er territory. So much so that Lew had to go pull the trigger on one. We spent Saturday practicing our credit card airs out at Marshell Mesa and enjoying another day riding in shorts during November. You can just make out snow capped 13,000 foot peaks through Eldorado Canyon.
Sunday was another blue bird day. Things started out as well as they possibly can with Heuvos Rancheros at Walnut Cafe. Abby, her mom Sally and I had a great table on the patio.
We spent much of the day golfing at Haystack Mountain. Its a bit like if Up the Creek Campground had nine holes, in other words; casual and awesome.

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