Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mixing and Motoring

This new Bacardi ad cracked me up, although the logic is a little shaky. Some guy named the Schu says this proves drinking and driving don't mix, but all I saw was mixing while motoring. Either way, entertaining. I should talk to the Bitter Bar about doing something along these lines... Wonder if James Lee could make an aviation while I take him down Flagstaff?

Incidentally, this reminded me of a segment on Top Gear I found interesting. Apparently the BBC wanted to do a show about drinking and driving so they gathered a group of drivers and had them do hot laps of a track while sober, buzzed, and wasted. Turns out they were faster buzzed, and way faster wasted because they weren't afraid anymore. The drawback? Their reaction times to surprise circumstances were way down. So you may be faster 'round a track, but you'll be less likely to brake for the grandma walking out in front of you.

Be careful out there kids.

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