Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wheels + Tires

The Panaracer 45s have been a revelation on my Trek XO-2. The incredible loft they offer, combined with the increased braking power of some mtb brakes has made this bike a sort of 29er lite mutt. It's great fun.

I did have to hand clip 102 side knobs, per side per tire, for a total of 408 snips of the clippers, so they wouldn't rub the stays under heavy loading.
My Nomad was finally in need of a new set of hoops after the rear Crossmax XL exploded into fixie mode earlier this fall in Nederland. Since then I've been riding a spare set of Mavic Deetrax (aka you couldn't make them heavier out of concrete) and was amazed at how many people were distracted by their copious stickers and concluded they were some new uber wheel. Nope, four years old, and they weigh like 9 lbs. Yellow stickers must really speak to people's subconscious, and I think it means awesome.

The new ones are much more subdued than Mavic's premade stickerfiestas.
In true form over function Vecchios style, Jim put together a proper large gentleman's wheelset that'll take whatever is thrown at them, or whatever they're thrown off of.

DT 5.10 All Mountain Rims, 36 spokes, tied and soldered front and rear, with XT hubs.
And my favorite grippy, fast rolling, huge volume tire for the front and back, WTB's Weirwolf LT 2.55. Somebody get a doctor, because these wheels are SICK!

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Sean said...

Queerwolf IS the best mtb tire out there, especially for the Front. As for the snipping, you need to head over to Discount Tire and borrow their tire siper-- I think it would speed up the process!