Friday, December 4, 2009

Best of 2009

I share a trait with many males in that I love top 10 (or 5, or 3, 50, whatever really) lists. We've all done them, cars, cities, albums, you know the drill. Magazine and the like always love lists around this time of year, so I figured I'd put together a top 10 of 2009. This is the stuff that I'll remember the most from an another awesome year.

Mt. Audobon - Abby and I climbed this 13er in July, and while it may have only been one day of hiking, it stands out as one of the year's best moments. Perfect weather, beautiful wilderness, and my favorite person in the world made for one super day.

The Quest for 200 - From January through December I've ridden significantly more this year than ever before. Racking up the days became a quest for me this year. People do this all the time with ski days, and I've always said that riding is so cool because you can almost always get a ton of days in. I came up short of trying to ride 2/3s of the days (244 of 365) in 2009, but I'll be well over 200 come December 31st.

Powdercats - I've got to get at least one ski day on the list, and while 2009 was a meager year for huge ski days in general, snow cat skiing in Steamboat was off the charts and thus it makes the list. We had a blue sky day this year and the steepest terrain I've skied up there combined with pair of loaned K2 Pontoons made for a skiing experience that was more akin to water skiing on Lake Bemidji.

Interbike - Driving out to the bike show with Mike Dahl this September was a pretty perfect road trip. Highlights included four wheeling the Mini out to Gooseberry Mesa, and a particularly beautiful evening on Slickrock.

Foosker's Man Week - When Rafael came to visit this summer I don't think any of us had any idea what we were in for. 7 days and 7 rides later we were left in a daze, marveling at how the same jokes, told on the same trails and in the same restaurants, can never get old.

Black Hills - Abby and I headed north to meet her sister in the Black Hills this summer and it turned out to be the perfect escape. Almost no cell reception to tie you into the networks, and no shortage of attractions made it a weekend no-one wanted to end.

4th of July - My third summer visit to Lake Bemidji was the most action packed yet. Beautiful weather treated us to endless fun on the lake while Kim, Ed and Tyler made the trip for their first time to see what I've been raving about.

Thanksgiving - When we bought our new house one of the things that was immediatly apparent was its party potential. Plenty of space for people to spread out and relax, a garage full of toys for people to have fun with during the day, and a stocked bar at night. After a year and half it was time to truly do it right for a major holiday. We had an amazing time, and nothing made me happier than to see friends and family having fun together under Abby and I's roof.

Family Road Trip - This fall saw us head out on the road with Steve, Sally, Kim and Ed for a deluxe tour of Southern Utah. We hiked, rode, ate and drove our way across some of the most spectacular land around, all the while appreciating the simply joy of the open road.

Moab Man Trip - You'd think this kind of thing would get old, but it never does. This fall we had an absolute ball in the desert doing our usual combination of riding, eating, and pushing the envelope of tasteful humor.

Wedding Scouting - Heading out on an adventure with my lady is pretty much the coolest thing in the world. Heading out on an adventure to find a wedding location among some of the prettiest spots in Colorado during the height of summer is out of this world. Crested Butte and Telluride, we may not have found our spot there, but we sure had fun looking!

Magnolia - Getting a puppy this fall has easily stolen the headlines from a year full of them. The journey of raising a dog is just starting and we're having even more fun than anticipated.

Engaged! - After dating for almost five years, I popped the question to Abby this summer while on the dock in front of her house on Lake Bemidji. Luckily she said yes, and we're on our way! It never ceases to amaze me how much fun we have together and I'm looking forward to a lifetime of it.

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