Monday, November 1, 2010

Boulder Cup CX

Boulder Cup CX moved to the Flatirons Mall this year for a crowded race featuring some of the country's best. Here are some of my favorite images I snapped from the day.

My good buddy Ross along the pond.

Tim Johnson was precision personified all afternoon throughout this tricky course on his way to a W. I love how his shoulder is SO close to the apex of the turn and his eyes are already 20 yards down the course ahead. Perfect.

Race long leaders Todd Wells and Tim Johnson hopping the key barriers, a skill that gave a decisive edge with only a short uphill left before the finish.

Wells leads Johnson, as he did for much of the race, until Johnson dropped him.

Webber, Brandon, and Allen drill it in a BCS mini peleton.

Johnson saving energy behind an enthusiastic riding Wells.

TJ on his own and off the front.

Tim Johnson checks his gap back to Wells through the switchbacks.

Driving home the gap through the tricky downhill switchback section. Click to enlargify and you can see him sweating, despite the focused, calm look on his face.

Wells, however, has the look of a man behind in a fist fight. At this point he knows the win has ridden away without him. I also love how you can see the handlebars in his shades.


Fancy rubber, tired legs.