Friday, November 21, 2008

Changing gears

For my birthday this year Abby took care of me with a new crankset for my Eriksen. The c5 as I call it, for Campagnolo Chorus Carbon Compact Crankset. This is something I've been lusting over for a long time as I live in Boulder, enjoy climbing, and there's a ton of it around here. Lots of it is seriously steep too, so my previous low gear of 39x25 was pretty brutal at times. At the same time I'm physically way more adept at turning big gears in the flats, so I didn't want to loose any top end speed. Thanks to the girlfriend, I now have the following finely crafted Italian ratios with increased range.

Ratio : Speed at 90rpm
High 52x12 : 49.3kph / 50x11 : 53.7kph
Low 39x25 : 17.7kph / 34x25 : 15.5kph

+ 4.4kph of speed on the top end and - 2.2 on the bottom. I like that, and before you ask about bigger gaps between cogs, remember that I spend lots of time on a single speed. So anything is a bonus after that. Initial impressions are great. All the climbs which previously had me rocking around like a shelled domestique can now be conquered with slightly more high rpm spinning, or as close to it as a 100kg oaf can manage. Good stuff.

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