Monday, November 3, 2008

First Cross Race

Sunday I cruised down to Harlow Platts Park in SoBo at 7:00am and nabbed the final spot in the cat4 Boulder Cup Cross Race. It was my first cx race and some might suggest that cruising our favorite hangouts on Pearl the night before on tandems till around 1am might not have been the best preparation. I however think it would've hurt either way, so one might as well not squander a beautiful evening staying home and drinking water. The race hurt like hell but I had the omnipresent support of good friends all over the course to keep me going.

Some pictures from the day:

Chris and Evan were there with the cameras.
Mike D and I post race.
Roosting the sandtraps

Kate shows us her PRO style.
Also, check out Suitcase of Courage for photos from the Elite Men's race.


grahamu said...

Holy kick in the sand, Batman! Is Mat building a sand castle there? In comparison it appears that Mike is either hardly trying or way more efficient through the trap.

MatB said...

I think Mike has around 60 less pounds to make a splash with...