Thursday, January 8, 2009

January Wildfire in Boulder

The wind in Boulder has been intense this week, building each day to its crescendo yesterday when numerous electrical wires and poles were knocked over, sparking a gigantic wildfire north of town. Much of the farmland north of town around Boulder Valley Ranch and the hills around Olde Stage and Lee Hill roads have been torched. The entire community watched as the red glow crept closer to the north end of town, and this morning the blackened earth ended literally on the doorsteps of the Dakota Ridge subdivision.

I headed out around 7pm last night to take some pictures.

For an idea of the wind that started this disaster, check out this video I shot on top of Flagstaff yesterday. Mike Dahl and I headed out on our road bikes at lunch and the sinuous switchbacks of Boulder's most famous climb offered protection from the wind. Until the top that is.

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