Friday, January 16, 2009

Ridiculous Rigs

Spotted this on BikesnobNYC and just had to share, being that two of my favorite things in the world are nice bikes and nice cars. Naturally, I also have quite a soft spot for unlikely bike-carrying-cars, as many times I find myself drooling over some sleek sports car and wondering how to mount a rack. Of the three pictures below, only the F40 setup looks somewhat legit, although I imagine the lateral g's you could produce in this car could rip any bike off any rack. In terms of the other two, as just about everyone knows, trunk racks that you hang bikes from are pretty crappy. Their flimsy nature can only be exaggerated when they're hanging off the back of a car that can hit 60mph in under 5 seconds, but I imagine these owners can always afford another should they end their journey with 4 wheels instead of 6.

This Ferrari F40, with what appears to be the LM wing on it, is a pretty impressive rig, especially since he used the 80's style standard rain gutters to achieve a rack setup that is actually useful and strong. Can't quite tell what the bike is, but I think it may be a Cannondale. Any points he won with the rack setup are surely lost by mounting a mass produced aluminum bike to a super limited edition Italian throughourbred.This owner gets points for at least having bought a similarly bling bike to match his bling car. However, the hanging trunk rack pretty much ruins things. Its also intersting to note that his rack appears to be bolted directly to his license plate holder while the enormous exhausts are primed to superheat his bike tires and blow them out.
I see this type of thing all the time around Boulder, only reversed. This setup in Colorado, inversed, would be a rusted out 83 Subaru Loyale with a Calfee Bamboo custom dressed in Campy Super Record on the roof. (Junker owners with fancy bikes always use good roof racks, whereas this Ferrari owner may be secretly hoping the bike falls off and stops letting everyone know he's cheap when it comes to bikes) Once again, the exhaust seems like it could be a problem. I wonder if there is a forum out there discussing bike placement on the back of exotic cars.

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