Thursday, January 7, 2010

Motomada (Not Safe For Work)

Why is this NSFW you ask? Not because of any explicit material your boss would resent you looking at, but because if you happen to be at work when you look at this link you might encounter some intense emotions (anger, jealousy, etc) and if you're not careful it could ruin your day.

So, with that disclaimer, I present my good friend Stephen's blog from his journeys in South America this spring. His original plan was to hang out on an island in Brazil and surf while building someone's house. Then it became a 'Long Way Round' style motorcycle odyssey around the continent, visiting Tierra del Fuego and the Amazon. As it stands now his would be motorcycle is in unknown shape after its previous owner had a nasty spill over the holidays, so Stephen is living a life in Brazil where the most stressful decisions seem to be how many fresh bananas to eat in the morning and whether to take a shirt with him into town.

Not exactly trying for your sympathy then... but knowing Stephen things should be interesting.

Enjoy, the travels of Esteban Manchez the Sledgehammadore.

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