Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in the Butte

Spent Christmas in Crested Butte this past week. Practically the entire country has been getting crazy snowfall, and in the Rockies this has created some of the most dangerous avalanche conditions anyone has seen in a long time. Because of this Crested Butte had hardly any of their extreme terrain open so we spent the time enjoying soft snow covered groomers and bump runs.

One day while skiing with our ski patrol buddy H we spotted at least three fresh avalanches caused by bombs that had taken entire pitches from 40+ inch bases down to rock. Starting over with those then... Its amazing that with over 100 inches of snow so far this year they haven't even been able to open the Headwall.

The weather was snowy and seriously cold (duh, this is CB after all) so we spent plenty of time indoors as well. However, during two days when we didn't ski I went slightly crazy building a snow wall which turned into a fort which turned into a bar which turned into a neighborhood Jager gathering. Great stuff. Here are some pics.

CB's namesake.
Big Bob getting down with some turkey carving.
Ed hiding behind the Macallan
Graham busting through the fortified driveway wall we had built while he was skiing.
The above mentioned SnoBar getting ready for a party.If I was either of these guys I'd have migrated to Bermuda by now. Temp was -20F when I took this.
Heading back to Boulder. Sun was just coming up as I summited Monarch creating some seriously beautiful light.And finally, a little video of Big Bob checking out the new bar.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously awesome shots - I have got to STOP MISSING all these great parties!