Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Streetview Porsche Spy Shots

From Garage 419 via Autoblog comes this little gem that I thought I just had to share. I'm sure most of you have played around with Google Streetview, and maybe some of you have seen some of the scores of pictures people have posted of things Google unintentionally caught while photographing. But what about prototype Porsches?

I've seen scores of camouflaged cars on the roads of Colorado being tested out for high altitude, low temperatures, or deep snow. Most times all you see is a glimpse of some grotesque shrouded object moving the other way down the road. Also, its rare you get to see something truly interesting. A camo'ed new Aveo is hardly something I chase down.

This is different. While checking out good driving routes, Garage419 happened to find a gaggle of Porsche engineers and their steeds atop 14,000 foot Mt. Evans. Check it out yourself, because its on the interwebs for good now. Nothing groundbreaking in sight, no Panameras, but entertaining nonetheless.

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