Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marshall Mesa Dowdy Draw Snow Singletrack Epic Luciousness

Big Keith left me a particularly motivating message this morning about how he was getting out braving the elements and that I should HTFU. This left me with no choice but to pick out my three favorite cold weather riding outfits, put all of them on over eachother, and head out.

My route took me out along the open space paths to Marshall Mesa where I exhausted the collection of trails between there and Dowdy Draw. Trail conditions were laughably good. Its been so damn cold that everything is frozen solid, there was no mud and the snow was so set up it has similar grip levels as the fine sand here in the summer. All in all things turned out far better than expected, especially considering the ominous snow clouds over the divide.

Heading out South Boulder Creek under blue skies.

35 miles is a lot of pedaling on the one speed.

Starting out Marshall Mesa with minimal snow cover.

By Dowdy Draw things were pretty white.
Snowy singletrack. Who knew it could be so good?

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GenghisKhan said...

Just came across yoru blog. Great pics and kudos on such a long cold ride! Makes me feel laaaazy!